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Vegetation and Energy Efficiency

Here in Phoenix, we’ll take all the help we can get when it comes to staying cool in the summer, and doing so efficiently. Believe it or not, vegetation can be a big part of doing this. The summer sun in Arizona is relentless – just look at anything in your yard (such as patio furniture) that is exposed to the sun over the summer. Now consider what kind of beating your exterior walls and roof experience during this time. It is best to make your home as well-insulated as possible, regardless of the climate you live in. But in Arizona, if we can keep the harsh sunlight from ever getting to our roof and walls, we’ll stay so much cooler, have lower energy bills, and less wear and tear on our homes.

Go to your local nursery to learn what types of shades trees are fast growers and do well in our climate. Then plant them on the sides of your home that get the most harsh, and most direct sunlight. If you have windows or doors with glass that are constantly exposed to the sun, these are key areas to plant shade vegetation around for protection. Consider what time you will need to plant, and map out where you would like to plant what types of trees and bushes for best results. If you plant too close to summer, there’s a good chance the plants won’t survive the summer heat and sun.

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