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Understanding the Differences between a Furnace and a Heat Pump

Two of the most common systems for home heating are heat pumps and furnaces, but we sometimes find that our customers aren’t sure how these two systems differ. It isn’t uncommon to live all your life with one system, never having encountered the other. Understanding different types of heating systems will help you make more informed decisions when it comes time for a major repair or upgrade.

Heat pumps are a popular choice for home heating in Phoenix because unlike a furnace, a heat pump can both cool and air, making it perfect for the hot Arizona summers and the mild winters. Using electricity and refrigerants, heat pumps can make hot air cool and cool air hot, allowing for one system for the entire home.

Furnaces, on the other hand, can only provide heat and do so by burning some kind of fuel like natural gas, oil, propane, or coal. Furnaces require access to this kind of fuel, either piped, like natural gas, or trucked and stored, like oil, coal, or propane.

When it comes to cost, the cheapest option largely depends on a variety of factors including climate, fuel and electricity rates, the type of home, and the age of the equipment.

Heat pumps may cool efficiently, but become more expensive to run as the temperature dips closer to freezing. This is why furnaces, particularly natural gas, are more popular up north.  Here in Arizona, we spend more time trying to keep cool than trying to stay warm.

Thankfully, AAA Cooling is well versed in both systems and our expert technicians will be able to help you find the best fit for your home and your budget.