Monsoon Season: Maintenance and Preventing Leaking Condensation Lines

MaintenanceLiving in the hot, dry climate of the Phoenix region, monsoon season is often something we all anticipate. A fierce summer storm is almost jubilant. As the pressure drops and the air cools, many Arizonans can’t help but smile at the impending storm. While it’s great to revile in the joy of a good rain, it’s also important to understand how extreme weather impacts your most important appliance.

The Monsoon Threat

While you’re enjoying the temporary reprieve from heat and dryness, your air conditioner might be struggling. Monsoons can damage AC units in a number of ways, and any of them would be enough to leave you in an emergency situation. At the most extreme end, high winds and lightning can cause physical damage to units. While that’s not fun, a proper installation should provide good protection from both of these threats.

A more common issue is the extra dust. Even though the heavy rains help get dust out of the air for a change, the winds that typically precede a storm can put a lot of extra dirt into your HVAC system. Fortunately, the remedy to this problem is easy: just change your filters on time (typically every 30 days). Even if you miss some changes throughout the year, staying on top of this during monsoon season will save you a lot of trouble.

The biggest threat of all from the summer storms is actually the moisture. Since air conditioners work by compressing the air and essentially pulling moisture out of it, the sudden increase in humidity changes the equilibrium your unit enjoys under normal conditions. This can lead to blockage, excessive moisture buildups, and other related problems.

Beating Condensation

There are a few things you can do to prevent condensation problems even during the most torrential rainstorms. The first is to regularly inspect the condensation lines. On a normal day, there shouldn’t be any moisture buildup on the lines themselves. Every time you change the filter, take a minute to check this.

If you do get condensation, optimizing the lines can go a long way. Improving the pitch and taking away bends helps the water flow better, so it can handle the extra moisture that comes with storm season.

Reliable Cooling Services in Arizona

Still, the culmination of all of this effort can seem like a lot — especially if you aren’t already in the habit. The easiest solution is to contact AAA Cooling Specialists. We service air conditioners throughout Scottsdale, and they can easily ensure that yours will remain in good shape!