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How to decrease your home heating bill

As the Arizona temperature drops during the fall and winter, your heating bill is doing the opposite. While it’s nice to have a change in weather from the hot summer, the added cost of heating your home is most unwelcomed. There are easy ways you can save money each month on your heating bill.

  1. The only type of draft welcome here is a sports draft. If you feel a draft when placing your hand near a door or window, you need to combat this nuisance. You can change out old weatherstripping, place caulking around windows, or even roll up a towel and place at the base of windows and doors. The more cold air you can prevent from entering your home, the more you will save.
  2. Filter out unnecessary costs by cleaning your filter. This simple do-it-yourself heater maintenance task helps your heater function more efficiently, and also keeps the air that is circulating cleaner and healthier.
  3. It’s sweater weather. Get out those extra blankets, sweaters, and warm socks, and snuggle by the fireplace. For every 1° you decrease your thermostat, you can save up to 1-3% on your monthly bill.
  4. Your heater needs some TLC. Heating can end up costing you more each month if your heater is not properly tuned by a professional. For more information on professional heater maintenance and tune-ups, contact us at