Take Control of Your Home’s AirCYCLE

Honeywell Home LogoYour home’s main purpose is to protect you and your family from the outdoor environment. And while your home’s walls, windows, doors, and insulation are the bare essentials for this protection, these essentials alone are not enough to preserve your indoor environment, especially when it comes to the air.

Poor Indoor Air Quality AAA Cooling AZ Can HelpThe conditions outside your home influence the air inside your home, and air comes and goes through the windows and doors — this is called the “AirCYCLE.” Your indoor air is constantly changing, and our day-to-day activities like cooking, bathing, and even breathing create extra moisture and pump smells into the air. Not to mention chemicals released from cleaning or smoke, all of which have an effect, and often a detrimental one, on indoor air quality.

In the battle of indoor air, your home is fighting off contaminants like dust (which can trigger allergies), smells (which can irritate), and even buildups of CO2 as you sleep (which can make you groggy). In order for your home to win the battle and maintain a healthy air quality balance, it needs the tools that will take control of your home’s air cycle. AAA Cooling Specialists is here to help utilizing the Honeywell Livewell IAQ Program.

Achieve Ultimate Indoor Air Quality with Honeywell Livewell

First, we’ll need to determine what type of heating and cooling system will best suit the needs of your home and it’s characteristics. We will analyze your home’s unique AirCYCLE through a series of indoor air quality tests. This scan will tell which IAQ tools your home needs so it can excel at keeping the contaminants outside while ensuring your indoor air is ready to keep you comfortable and protected.

We’ll even produce an indoor air quality report that tells you how your home is performing in 6 key areas:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Relative Humidity
  • Particles
  • Temperature
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Odors and Smells

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You’ll see the readings collected during our scan, and how they compare to the acceptable range, plus a grade (good, marginal, needs attention) letting you know where you stand in each category. This report is invaluable for you to decide (with our help, of course) how to proceed with taking control of your home’s air quality.

AAA Cooling Specialists is a Honeywell Livewell IAQ Partner

When you’re ready to take the next step toward better air quality, get in touch with us here at AAA Cooling Specialists. We’re ready to setup an appointment to conduct an AirCYCLE assessment in your home!

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