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4 Reasons Duct Work Needs to Stay in Good Shape

Indoor air quality usually has a significant impact on your home’s overall comfort. Particles such as mold spores and dust can cause severe irritation and a wide range of other health problems. For those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory complications, airborne particles such as pet dander and pollen can be more problematic.

Identifying problems with your ductwork and working on them is an effective way of improving your air quality. If your HVAC system has leaky ducts, then it’s more likely that your energy bills are skyrocketing. Here are some of the key indicators that your duct needs to be repaired.

Lower Air Quality

Typically, compromised ductwork connections will affect the quality of your indoor air. If you have stored chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizer, and paint thinner in your basement, you will start smelling the fumes of the chemicals inside your home. This is one of the earliest indicators that you need to inspect your duct for any problems.

Excessive Household Dust

If you also notice that your home dustier than usual, or you are forced to change the air filters more than usual, then call in an expert to examine your ductwork. If you haven’t done any significant remodeling in your home that could generate more dust, be sure to check out your ductwork for any problems.

Higher Energy Bills

If you realize a sudden increase in your utility bills the something could be wrong with your ductwork. Even though your electrical bill may be high, a leaky duct only adds to the ever-increasing energy bill. Your duct may be leaking the precious air that you have paid for leading to the high energy costs. Don’t suffer in silence, call in an expert to repair your duct and you will see the difference in your electricity bill.

Poor Comfort

If your home is feeling stuffy and certain rooms are difficult to cool, then its time to inspect your ducts. You may be thinking that the problem is your floor plan when the real culprit is a faulty duct.

Do you suspect that your duct is faulty? Contact AAA Cooling Specialists, and we shall gladly answer your questions and offer expert help with ductwork.