Scottsdale AC Duct Repair and Duct Sealing

Your ductwork is an important part of your indoor climate control system, and if you need Scottsdale duct repair, turn to the experts at AAA Cooling Specialists. Most homeowners can’t tell the difference between an HVAC unit that isn’t working properly and a simple problem in the duct system. If your room-to-room airflow is out of balance, the temperatures in your home are too high or too low based on what the thermostat is telling you, or you’re hearing strange noises when the HVAC unit is in use, it may be time for duct cleaning or duct repair. Our certified technicians can be at your door right away if you need Phoenix air duct sealing, cleaning, repair, or installation. We also service Glendale, Peoria, Chandler, and Mesa.

Duct Work in Scottsdale, AZ

Duct work can be thought of as the respiratory system of your home; great duct work should supply fresh, clean, breathable air throughout your home dependably, without energy sapping leaks, and without introducing any contaminants or sustaining any blockages. While great air flow design and implementation is vital to the comfort of your home, it’s probably not something that you often think about. Like many complicated systems, a great heating and cooling system should just work – you shouldn’t have to think about it or witness it working. We understand what goes into great duct work in Scottsdale, and we design systems that work beautifully without so much as letting you know they’re there.Our technician performing a ductwork repair in a client’s home in Scottsdale, AZ

Why choose us to handle your duct work?

We are proud to have earned the designation as an APS Qualified Contractor. How does it work? APS customers allow us to come to their home to check for leaks in the ductwork of their heating and cooling systems and fix any issues that may be present. Air leaks waste energy and cost you unnecessary dollars in energy expenses. Customers’ newly-sealed duct system will result in more than $200 in energy savings and improved indoor air quality. Save money and live more comfortably by allowing us to inspect your HVAC duct work today!

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Duct Repair in Greater Phoenix, AZ

Our air conditioning systems distribute conditioned air to each room of your home effectively and efficiently and perform for years and years so that you’ll never need to worry about why your air conditioning isn’t working. Great duct work installation in your Phoenix home or business is critical to the overall performance of any building, and it’s something that often gets considered early on in home or commercial building construction. Whether you’re building a new home, adding new rooms, or renovating an existing home, it’s definitely one of the first systems you should consider. Our professional craftsman design and construct reliable, long-lasting ductwork that you can count on, but that’s not all. In addition to designing and constructing great heating and cooling systems, we can fix your existing, problematic system, too. If your home or building is experiencing problems with contaminants, musty or stale air, weak airflow, noisy systems, or any other air conditioning related ailment, we can locate and fix the problem. Give us a call today to learn more!

  • Duct work you can count on
  • New construction or repairs
  • Dependably fresh, clean air
  • Professionals dedicated to great work

When do I need ductwork?

In some cases, your ducts may need to be repaired. If you’re experiencing weak airflow, dampness or musty smells, or creaking or banging noises while your air conditioning is operating, you may need to get your AC ducts repaired. Ducts can become damaged for a lot of reasons. Cracking, bending or collapsing of your ducts can occur due to natural catastrophe or accidents during home improvements and renovations. Leaking water from damaged pipes or faulty weatherproofing could result in the growth of mold or mildew in your ducts, which would probably necessitate replacement. You’ll also need to install new ducts if you’re adding a new room or rooms to your home, or in some cases, performing renovations that increase the size of rooms in your home.

Why is proper ductwork important?

A properly designed heating and cooling system consistently replenishes the supply of conditioned, fresh air in every room of your home. Your air conditioning unit is only designed to push that air so far, so the ducts need to be designed properly not to overly tax your air conditioning unit. If your ducts aren’t installed properly, your air conditioning unit has to work harder to get fresh air into each room of your home. In some cases, poor duct design not only expends more energy but could result in certain rooms of your house receiving less conditioned air than others, which detracts from the overall comfort of your home. Properly designed and well-maintained AC ducts make sure that your system runs as energy efficiently as possible, and ensures the comfort of each and every room of your house. An efficient heating and cooling system is one of the cornerstones of an overall well designed, properly functioning home. Our professionals are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. For the best AC duct repair in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas: call us to learn more!