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How To Conserve Energy During an Arizona Summer

There’s no doubt about it, Arizona summer are hot. Many homeowners cringe when they think of summer, not only because of the heat, but also because of energy costs. AAA Cooling encourages homeowners to follow these tips to stay cool and comfortable, without spending an excessive amount on energy bills.

–          Replace old, inefficient air conditioning systems. Old AC systems had very poor energy efficiency standards, and the amount you will save every month with a new, energy efficient system will quickly make up for the cost of the upgrade. Don’t forget to have your system properly maintenanced by a professional to keep energy efficiency high and contact AAA Cooling today for air conditioner installation in Mesa.

–          Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day to block sunlight that will heat up your home. Consider purchasing insulated curtains that will block even more heat. A temperate house is easier to cool than a warm house.

–          Insulate your home. Poor insulation means poor energy efficiency. Put radiant barrier behind walls, insulate the attic, caulk around windows, and place weather stripping around doors.

–          Use ceiling fans to help cool the room you’re in. By using ceiling fans, you will feel cooler and be able to bump up the thermostat a few degrees so the AC doesn’t have to work as hard. Just remember to turn fans off when you leave the room, as they work to cool people directly.