Is Aeroseal Duct Sealing Worth It?

aaa cooling duct sealing

Your HVAC system presents your home with the comfort you need throughout all days of the year, so suffice to say, a problem within your system should immediately get checked out. An air duct leakage can run you a decent cost, and while more significant leaks can be easier to spot, minor leaks are a […]

3 Energy Efficiency Tips

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but there’s no getting around the fact that it costs money to heat and cool your home. The good news that you have more control over that equation than you might realize. Here are three tips that can help you enjoy greater levels of energy efficiency — and therefore lower […]

How Does Cold Weather Affect Humidity in My Home?

Contrary to popular belief, being outside in cold weather will not cause you to catch a cold. Ironically, it’s being inside during the winter that can make someone susceptible to colds and flu. Humidty: The Hidden Enemy How does such a thing happen? The answer is simply humidity. Cold winter air is low in humidity […]

Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze Up?

Your air conditioner just froze? Air conditioners can freeze due to various reasons. Improper Air Flow The main one being lack of proper airflow that keeps the coil warm. The loop needs warm air to stay above the freezing point while remaining cool. If this is not possible the coils freeze, and malfunction before all […]

How to Put Refrigerant in Your AC Unit

If your air conditioner system is sluggish and not keeping up with cooling your home, it might be an issue with low refrigerant levels. It is easy to add refrigerant yourself be knowing the basics. Determine the type of refrigerant needed for your system. This information is often found on the manufacturer’s label on the […]

Avoiding Scams from AC Contractors

Running air conditioning systems are crucial in Arizona homes, and failure of the unit during a heat wave can lead to rash decisions. Most homeowners aren’t familiar with the finer points of AC repairs and rely on the contractor’s expertise. Although you hope that the contractor is honest, it’s unfortunate that many aren’t. Some will […]

Should I Continue Repairing My Scottsdale AC Unit?

We often get asked by customers if they should continue repairing their air conditioners, or if they should just go ahead and replace them. There are various factors that go into this hefty decision. We suggest they consider the following questions: How old is your unit? After a unit has been in use for 10-15 […]

Upgrading your AZ home to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Here at AAA Cooling Specialists, we pride ourselves in offering premier air conditioning service in Scottsdale. Part of our commitment to quality is a commitment to affordability and savings. With your heating and air conditioning system accounting for nearly 50% of your energy consumption, small changes can have a big impact on your bills every […]

Why Get an AC Tune Up?

With summer here in Scottsdale and temperatures starting to heat up, it’s time to make sure your A/C is up to speed. The best way to do that is to get an A/C tune up. This is important because cooling and heating can account for almost half of a typical homeowner’s energy costs. Energy Star […]

Reasons to Get an AC Check Up

Your air conditioner can sit for months without use. In your cooling system, dust and dirt build up from the summer before, and those dust and dirt particles collect and lead to mold and mildew, which could result in a foul smell coming from your system. The mold, mildew, and bacteria often or found on […]