Home Comfort Systems 101: Key Factors to Consider When Replacing Your HVAC System

Fall is the perfect time to think about that one nagging item on your to-do list that you might have been putting off, not wanting to invest the necessary time or money. Yes, we’re talking about replacing your home comfort system. Most people balk at the idea of dipping into their household budget for a new air conditioner or heater, thinking they can get by for another year, and then another year, with a system that’s outdated or past its prime. What they don’t realize: If they choose their new system wisely, they’ll most likely only have to go through this process once or twice in their entire lifetime! At AAA Cooling Specialists, we’ve spent four decades empowering residents of the Scottsdale area with the knowledge and resources they need to choose effective, dependable home comfort solutions that will keep their family safe and happy for many hassle-free years to come. If you’re considering taking the plunge on a new AC installation for your Scottsdale, AZ home, stop procrastinating and let’s get started together — right now! Here are the key factors to consider when choosing a new HVAC system.

How to Deal With Uneven Cooling at Home

During the hot times of the year, you may notice that certain spots in your home always seem abnormally cold or warm. Uneven cooling is a common issue, but you do not have to just give in and accept that parts of your house will not cool properly. If you have uneven cooling in your house, there are a few things you can do to address the problem. Adjust Your Insulation Levels If you notice that your upstairs is warmer than your downstairs, the problem may be that hot air is entering the attic and shifting temperatures in the home. This issue can be fixed simply by adding insulation upstairs to keep cool air in and hot air out. Check Your Ducts Uneven cooling can be caused by blockages or leaks in your ducts. For those living in Scottsdale, has duct cleaning services that may be a good solution to this problem. Cleaning out ducts and identifying leaks will ensure cool air can travel to all parts of the house. Install a Zoning System Adding an HVAC zoning system to your house is the most reliable and permanent solution to the problem. This type of product lets you adjust the...

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Our Proud Partnership with Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest. Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a simple mission; showing kindness, doing justice and serving those in need. They have a vision for a just world where all people can fulfill their basic needs. We strongly believe in this mission and vision and are thrilled to be partnering with them to give back. Earlier this year, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest received a referral from a sister church regarding an Arizona family in need. This family of 6, including a 13, 11, 6 and 4 year old, has been struggling after job layoff last year. Making ends meet was already a battle when medical issues struck. Unfortunately, COBRA was unwilling to cover these expenses, creating more financial ruin. When it felt like things couldn’t get worse, their heating and air conditioning system broke down. They’ve been without heat all winter and were terrified of the impending summer heat. Our team at AAA Cooling Specialists was introduced to this family in February, and we were blown away by them. We immediately knew this was a deserving family that we...

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What Does a SEER Rating Mean?

When your AC units run efficiently, it will consume less energy and make your home energy-efficient hence saving you a lot of money in the long run. One of the critical factors that will determine your air conditioner’s efficiency is its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio that is commonly referred to as SEER. Technically, the higher the ratio, the more energy-efficient your cooling equipment is. Each state in the United States has a minimum SEER rating standard for new air conditioning systems which is either 13 or 14 depending on where you live. So, what exactly is a SEER and how is it essential when it comes to energy savings? What Is SEER? A SEER is simply the ratio of the overall cooling output of your AC unit over a typical cooling season, divided by the electricity it consumed during that period in Watts per hour. It is good to note that this figure represents the average figure that is usually calculated over the entire cooling season. Think of the SEER as being just like the MPG for your vehicle. How SEER Ratings Affect Your Air Conditioner Before an AC installation in Scottsdale, you need to remember the fact that SEER...

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How Does Upgrading Your AC Unit Actually Save You Money?

Many people put off upgrading an air conditioner year after year for the fear of the upfront costs of the upgrade. You keep pouring in money after money making repairs to your existing unit when you might find that you actually save money by purchasing a new AC unit. These are just a few of the ways it might actually pay to take the plunge and invest in a new AC unit for your home. Greater Energy Efficiency This benefit is bigger than you realize. Not only does it help you save money from day one, but over the lifetime of your air conditioner, energy savings in Scottsdale, Arizona may be sufficient to cover the costs of the unit. Improvements in energy efficiency, especially if you’re replacing a unit that is 10 or more years old, can be substantial thanks to improvements in energy efficiency and technology. Modern Coolant Another benefit that is bigger than you realize. In 2015, production of R-22 Freon was reduced by 90 percent sending the price of adding new Freon to your air conditioner up by approximately 90 percent, or more in some areas. Modern air conditioners use a planet-friendly coolant (R-410A) that is widely...

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How You can Benefit From the AAA Energy Savings Agreement Program

With heating and cooling costs accounting for more than half of the average home’s energy consumption in Scottsdale, having an energy saving plan that ensures your heating and cooling systems are energy efficient is vital. Here at AAA Cooling Specialists, we take your home’s energy efficiency very seriously, and that is why our Energy Savings Agreement program is designed to keep your entire home energy efficient while ensuring you continue enjoying the convenience of your cooling and heating systems all time. Our energy saving agreement program can be beneficial to you together with your loved ones in many ways. For instance: It helps ensure all those small problems in your cooling and heating systems aren’t ignored, and they are repaired promptly before escalating into expensive repairs Offers a yearly safety checkup to eliminate any dangerous problems that may risk your life as well as that of your loved ones Helps prevent the need to do significant repairs by ensuring that your cooling and heating systems undergo routine maintenance Helps ensure your cooling and heating systems are professionally maintained by certified technicians, therefore providing you with peace of mind Our services Apart from our Energy Savings agreement program, we also offer...

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Reasons to Get an AC Check Up

Your air conditioner can sit for months without use. In your cooling system, dust and dirt build up from the summer before, and those dust and dirt particles collect and lead to mold and mildew, which could result in a foul smell coming from your system. The mold, mildew, and bacteria often or found on or near the AC filter, coils, and ductwork. The only way to rid the system of this odor is clean it, clean it thoroughly. You have some serious AC repair and maintenance ahead of you: When is the last time your air conditioner’s filter was changed? The filter gathers dust and dirt from the air that can accelerate mildew growth when exposed to moisture. Last summer’s filter has been collecting odors for months. If you haven’t changed your system’s filter since last summer your whole home may be getting dirty air blown back into it. Problem solved? Not necessarily. That stench may have another source. The evaporator coils become both cool and damp, creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. Knowing that evaporator coils may need regular cleaning does come in handy, but remember that the best prevention for this is purchasing high-quality air...

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