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Can your AC catch a cold?

We may not have been swarmed by 150 mph Santa Ana winds, but the temperatures have definitely given Arizona residents a rush. Going from 80 to below 50 is a shock to anyone’s system, but can it effect your A/C unit?

One concern that may warrant a call to your Scottsdale air conditioning provider is frost. If blocked with frost or ice, an air conditioning system will not operate properly and will lose cooling capacity. When the cooling coil develops a thick ice build-up on its surface, cool air cannot be produced by the air conditioning system — at all. Many conditions (requiring immediate AC repair) cause the level of refrigerant in the cooling coil to be too low. Surprising, it’s not the cool temperatures that cause the frost block. What is the likely culprit? Dirt, debris, damage or malfunction. So letting the ice melt during the day isn’t going to solve the problem.

So just because you switched off your unit for the chilly days doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a check up. Now is the perfect time to get your AC needs taken care of while there’s still time and while many great rebates are available. As any Arizona resident knows, our winters are short-lived, and summer will be here soon enough.

Contact your local AC repair Scottsdale Ariz to schedule a fall tune-up and you’ll sleep soundly knowing your AC unit is prepared for when 50 degrees turns quickly to 90.