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Since 1979, AAA Cooling Specialists has been providing top-quality air conditioning installation and replacement to local residents and businesses in Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding areas!

In this part of the country, there’s no question about whether you should have an air conditioner installation in your home or not. It’s simply not debatable! After all, air conditioning is about more than just your comfort. For many, it’s a health and safety issue. Keep those you care about cool and safe this summer with a new air conditioning installation in your home or business. AAA Cooling Specialists is here to help!

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Many local homeowners prefer central air installations, and as the trusted cooling specialists in Scottsdale, AZ, we’re here to deliver. Certified AC installation experts with years of experience will help you decide which central AC installation is right for your home: a split system or a packaged system.

The split system is comprised of two units: the outdoor condensing unit, which is responsible for extracting indoor heat, and the indoor evaporating coil, which is responsible for cooling indoor air. Most homeowners choose this type of central air conditioner installation because it is known for being an energy-efficient, space-saving unit that is easy to service throughout the years.

Those who are opting for an economical central air conditioner installation may instead opt for the packaged system, where the condensing unit and evaporating coil are integrated into one system. You may find the packaged AC unit installations performed in many small commercials buildings throughout Scottsdale, AZ.

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Homeowners who are looking for the most energy-efficient AC installation should look no further than the ductless mini-split units. Mini-splits, better known as heat pumps, are a unique type of ductless AC installation that can keep your family comfortable year-round, acting as air conditioners during the summer and heaters during the winter. How is this possible? Heat pumps work by moving hot air from one location to another, using coolant to heat and cool the air as needed. 

Mini-split installations are perfect for many homeowners across Scottsdale, AZ. Those who have no existing ductwork will find that duct installation is incredibly expensive in and of itself. Unlike all other air conditioning installations, heat pumps don’t need ductwork to heat or cool your home as they move indoor air directly outdoors, and vice versa. Moreover, installing these particular AC units allows homeowners to automatically temperature-zone their home, so that each family member can enjoy ultimate comfort. 

When it comes to air conditioning installations, there’s no finer company than AAA Cooling Specialists. Our services are comprehensive, and we take our work extremely seriously. In fact, if a job we’ve completed fails within 90 days of the service date, we’ll come back and fix it for no charge.

Trust in AAA Cooling Specialists for everything cooling-related, even services like central air repair and AC tune-ups. Looking to install a ductless AC or central air system in your home or business? Contact us today to set up a swift consultation!

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