When is the Best Time to Schedule My AC Inspection?

Just like a home requires cleaning and maintenance, your AC unit needs the same treatment. It may not need attention quite as often, but it is important to stay on top of it in order to prevent repairs. Besides creating peace of mind knowing the air conditioner is working properly, it ensures the system is running efficiently. 

Ways to Show Your HVAC System Love This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just days away, you probably haven’t even given your HVAC system a second thought. But a little TLC never hurts, and now is the best time to consider it. Taking care of your heating and cooling now will pay you back in the long term, saving you time, money, and stress. Here are some simple and easy ways to show your HVAC system some love this Valentine’s Day!

How Often Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

Understanding the best time to switch out your HVAC filter is important in maintaining indoor air quality for your home. Replacing your air filter can also extend the lifespan of your system and help you avoid making expensive repairs. You can also improve energy efficiency and save yourself money by switching your air filter on a regular basis. Reaching out to a company that offers AC repair in Phoenix, AZ, is a great option to learn more HVAC maintenance tips.

Is Your Home Safe from Indoor Air Pollution and Carbon Monoxide?

Dust. Pollen. Pet dander. Formaldehydes. Cleaning chemicals. Germs. Dust mites. Mold. Bacteria and viruses. Carbon monoxide. This isn’t just a random list we drew up to confuse you — this is actually a list of common indoor air pollutants that heating and air conditioning specialists have found in Scottsdale, AZ, homes and other local areas.  It’s hard to believe that your home could suffer from poor indoor air quality, especially when you keep to a consistent cleaning schedule. However, treating problems that you can’t see is pretty challenging. That’s why so many homeowners turn to local indoor air quality companies for help. 

Winter is Coming! Is Your Heater Ready?

Captivated by the beauty of the fall season and all the wonderful activities it has to offer, many people forget that winter is just a couple of months away. The warm temperatures that Scottsdale, AZ, is well-known for won’t last forever, so it’s important to prepare your heater ahead of time. 

6 Easy Tips to Fight Fall Allergies at Home

It’s that time of the year when you have to brace yourself for runny noses, constant sneezing, and annoying itch attacks every time you step outdoors. Fall season means our body’s worst nightmares are making a return visit. Check out the most common air pollutants in the fall below.  Although the great outdoors is no longer so great for our fellow allergy-sufferers anymore, you can still find relief at home by following the tips outlined by some of Scottsdale’s best HVAC repair specialists. 

Leaving on Vacation? Get Your Home Ready With Our Checklist!

This summer has been a little more hectic than most for Arizona residents. With autumn just around the corner, now is the perfect time for families to take a mini-vacation before school starts back up! We’ve compiled this quick vacation checklist, so you can rest and relax knowing your home is taken care of while you’re away. 

How Can You Tell if You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Though invisible to the naked eye, air pollution is known to have plenty of adverse effects on our health without us noticing. The average homeowner doesn’t usually consider air quality until it’s too late, and the damage has been done thanks to it not being a well-known or easily spotted issue. While we offer residential air quality testing throughout Scottsdale, AZ, we think it’s important to take care of air pollution constantly rather than only when given poor test results. Today, we’re going to highlight some of the main ways that you can figure out if your home has poor indoor air quality, what causes this poor air quality, and what you can do to stop it dead in its tracks. Mold, Mildew, & Bacterial Growth If you’ve been noticing an extensively more considerable amount of mold and mildew starting to form throughout your home’s most vulnerable areas like kitchens and bathrooms, your air quality is most likely to blame. Keeping air circulating in these areas can help reduce the impact of the harmful bacterial culprits in your air clinging to surfaces and growing. Still, the long term solution is investing in an air purification system. 

Why is My AC Ineffective?

It’s that time of year in Arizona when the whir of an air conditioning system is an ever-present part of daily life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Surviving the summer here, with temperatures hovering in the 100s, requires some serious work by a home cooling system. That’s why it’s so incredibly frustrating when you’re running your AC day and night, but you still don’t feel comfortable. If your unit is fewer than 10 years old, you probably can’t blame subpar performance on advanced age.  So, what could the problem be? Here at AAA Cooling Specialists, as we travel around the Scottsdale area providing AC tune-ups, we encounter plenty of complaints about ineffective cooling systems. Homeowners report that their units never stop running. They say that they have to wait hours for the system to respond to a small thermostat adjustment. Or, they wonder why their home never seems to get cooler than the mid-80s. There are a number of possible explanations for insufficient AC performance in this brutally hot climate. We highlighted a few of the most common Arizona air conditioning issues in this infographic.

Common Signs of Imminent AC Failure and How You Can Help Protect Yourself

The coronavirus outbreak has forced families across Arizona to adjust their daily lives and make various sacrifices to help keep all members of the community healthy and safe.  If there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to sacrifice, it’s your home comfort. Temperatures are already brutally hot here in the Scottsdale area, and as the COVID-19 quarantine continues and you remain hunkered down in your house with the air conditioner revved up, it’s never been more important to keep that cooling system running strong. It’s also crucial to act fast if you notice any hiccups in the system. With AAA Cooling Specialists here to provide expert air conditioning repair service in Scottsdale and the surrounding region, there’s no reason to risk an AC breakdown and add additional misery to these difficult times. Be on the lookout for these warning signs that your cooling system could be headed for failure.