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5 Ways to Save Energy and Keep Warm This Winter

A common question we hear from our customers is how to keep themselves and their home comfortable this winter, without breaking the bank on heating costs. With a few easy and inexpensive changes, it is possible to keep warm while also lowering your heating bill.

  1. Have your furnace tuned up. Find a local company that can maintain your unit. A quick search of HVAC Glendale Arizona will help you find AAA Cooling, which will provide a thorough inspection of your unit. Make sure that the technician who comes to service your unit inspects all components of the system. He or she should look at everything from the connections, wires, motors, and drainages systems, to the pilot lights, igniters, and even the filters. A comprehensive service of your furnace will make sure it is running properly and efficiently. This saves you money on your energy bill as well as expensive repairs from an improperly maintained unit.
  2. Keep the cold air out and the warm air in. One key place heat is lost during the winter is under your doors. If you can see the outside, you need to seal it. You can use a commercially made product and slip it under your door, or even just use a rolled up towel. Another option is to use a screw driver to raise your threshold.
  3. Replace old weather stripping. A significant amount of heat is lost through your windows. Make sure they are properly sealed by replacing old, worn out, or broken weather stripping. Caulking around windows with silicone caulk is another way to help keep the heat in.
  4. Buy plastic wrap for your sliding glass doors. There is a product available for a few dollars at local hardware stores you can seal to your glass doors. This helps hot air stay in rather than radiating out through the glass. The film is easy to install and not noticeable if done correctly. It can be easily removed during the spring with no damage to your glass.
  5. Dress warmly. Don’t walk around in shorts with your heat cranked up. Wear warm clothes and use blankets so you can keep your thermostat at a lower setting.

By following these easy and inexpensive tips, you will be able to stay warm this winter while also lowering your heating costs.