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5 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Duct Repair

Your ductwork is one of the most important components of your air conditioning system. Without it, the cool air would never get where you need it to go. Unfortunately, your ductwork won’t last forever. If you spot any of these five signs, you need air conditioning duct repair.

1. Strange Odors

A foul smell emanating from your air conditioning system is never a good sign. In many cases, your ductwork will be to blame. Mold or even dead animals in your ducts can quickly spread nasty odors throughout the house. A professional repair should easily remedy the issue, however.

2. Insufficient Air Flow

If you have noticed that your AC system doesn’t seem to be blowing as much air as it once did, your ductwork might be the culprit. Blockages, disconnections, and punctures can all greatly reduce the flow of air throughout your home. To get your system back up to full strength, a repair is in order.

3. Warm Air

A cooling system that only blows warm air won’t keep your home at a comfortable temperature during those warm summer months. The issue is often caused by blockages or punctures in the ductwork, so if you notice your system blowing warm air, you may wish to have the ducting repaired.

4. Unexpectedly High Energy Bills

If you have been keeping up with your regular AC maintenance tasks but still notice a sudden jump in your energy bills, your ductwork may be to blame. If your ducts aren’t working properly, your system will need to overcompensate – causing your bills to shoot through the roof. To get your energy costs back to normal, a repair is in order.

5. Huge Temperature Changes From Room to Room

If you have begun to notice that one of the rooms in your home seems to be quite a bit hotter than the others, it may be due to issues in the ductwork which feeds into that room. If the ducting is broken or disconnected, the room won’t get the cool air it needs. To bring back the chill, get the ducting fixed.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable

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